HELL RIDER Men’s T-Shirt


EN | HELL RIDER men’s t-shirt

HELL RIDER is a heavy weight 200g t-shirt made from 100% soft cotton. HELL RIDER print design is placed on the front side of the tee.

Specification: 200 g/m2, 100% cotton
Colors: White
Sizes: S/M/L/XL/XXL

CZ | HELL RIDER pánské triko

HELL RIDER je pánské triko vysoké gramáže (200g) vyrobené z jemné 100% bavlny. HELL RIDER potisk je umístěn na přední straně trička.

Specifikace: 200 g/m2, 100% bavlna
Barva: bílá
Velikost: S/M/L/XL/XXL

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The story of the HELL RIDER print design began in hot summer days in June 2017. We got inspired by CAFE RACER culture and all those bearded tattooed bikers out there. Custom culture was always important to us as way to express ourselves. After all, that is what we do as well. So get your ass off the couch, sit on the bike and just ride to feel the road..

For wholesale pricing and condition please contact us via email: info@blackraven.cz.