GREY DAZE: Chester Bennington One More Time

Chester Bennington, who took his life on 20th July 2017 was one of the most iconic singer of the whole generation. Most people know him from nu-metal giants LINKIN PARK. Besides his main band, he also released a solo album DEAD BY SUNRISE and for two years he sang with STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and released an EP “HIGH RISE” with them. But not many people know his first band GREY DAZE, where he sang before LINKIN PARK made him one of the biggest rock star on the planet.

GREY DAZE lasted from 1993 up until 1998, a year before Chester joined LINKIN PARK. In that time, they self-released two albums – “WAKE ME” (1994) and “NO SUN TODAY” (1997). In 2009 Bennington recalled that their show regularly attracted 1000 – 2000 people for their shows and they sold around 10 000 copies of their albums before they broke up.

One year prior to his death Chester reached SEAN DOWDELL (drummer) and wanted to put the band back together for reunion shows and to re-record the old songs. Unfortunately, Chester took his own life before that happened.

You can listen to two GREY DAZE songs “SICKNESS” and “WHAT’S IN THE EYE” in our FRASH SPLASH Spotify playlist or in the following videos: