GIG OF THE WEEK: Foo Fighters, Live From Hyde Park (2006)

On June 17th, 2006, Foo Fighters performed a huge live show in London Hyde Park as part of their “In Your Honor” tour. The band was supported by Queens Of The Stone Age, Mötorhead, Angels & Airwaves, and Juliette And The Licks.

During the set, Dave Grohl invited on stage to join the band Lemmy from Mötorhead to play Probot song “Shake Your Blood“, as well as Queen members to play covers of “We Will Rock You” and “Tie Your Mother Down“.

Dave Grohl talked to KERRANG! magazine about the show, saying: “The great thing about that day was we got to pick the bill. So, we called all our friends – Queens (Of The Stone Age), Motörhead, Juliette Lewis was there, Angels & Airwaves. To me, it was like a party. It was like inviting a bunch of people to a barbecue, where I was literally barbecuing for everybody backstage before the show. When I went out to do that gig I smelled like a fucking cheeseburger. I’d been cooking all day. ‘Dave, you’re on in 20 minutes’ – ‘Okay, okay, I’m still flipping burgers!’

“At that point, the size of an audience was not as important as the atmosphere, or the energy in the audience,” he continued. “At this point in my life I don’t care how many people are out there; that doesn’t bother me. It’s what we do together. If it’s a club with 120 people, or if it’s a field with 120,000 people, none of that bothers me. It’s how we interact and what happens in the next two and a half hours. Something like Hyde Park, when you do a gig like that, we basically put that show on ourselves – all of the staging, all of the vendors, not unlike when I was a kid when I was putting on little community centre shows. This was a much larger version of that. There’s a sense of responsibility, but then there’s also this sense of pride that you can do something like that, and bring that sort of pleasure to that many people. I was proud that I could call Lemmy and say, ‘Hey, do you want to play Hyde Park together?’ Then there’s Motörhead onstage, playing Overkill to 50,000 people or whatever. I’m proud of things like that, y’know? It’s cool to be able to get your friends involved to come and play. Like, ‘We can get Motörhead? Why wouldn’t we have them, then?!’ It’s just like a travelling circus. And the circus came to town.”

You can watch full set HERE (youtube) or below:

FOO FIGHTERS, Live From Hyde Park, London, 2006

SETLIST: FOO FIGHTERS, Live At Hyde Park, 2006

  1. In Your Honor
  2. All My Life
  3. Best Of You
  4. Times Like These
  5. Learn To Fly
  6. Breakout
  7. The One
  8. Shake Your Blood (Probot cover, with Lemmy Kilmister)
  9. Stacked Actors
  10. My Hero
  11. Generator
  12. DOA
  13. Monkey Wrench
  14. We Will Rock You (Queen cover, with Queen)
  15. Tie Your Mother Down (Queen cover, with Queen)
  16. Everlong